Angora (German)


Is a fancy breed by show class. Medium in size. Long coated and often bred for fur.


German Angora

Ring Size L


No crimp, too many guard hairs, lack of furnishings

Serious Faults

Thin or weak wool, finely knotted or cotton like wool, wool shorter than 60mm, bald patches.


General Description

Well covered woolled ears, forehead, cheeks, front legs and in particular the rear legs. The ears do not need to be fully covered but good tussles are required. The colour of a white with very dense fleece appears to be slightly ivory but on parts with shorter growth (head, ears and legs) must be a clear white. This colour difference is no fault. The albino white angora has colourless, red-reflecting eyes and also has colourless claws.


  • Wool Density and Length - The wool must be very dense and cover the skin entirely. The denser the fleece the more valuable the animal. The ideal wool length is 75mm, with a minimum length of 60mm.
  • Wool Consistency - The wool must be of even density over the whole body, including the belly.
  • Wool Structure - The top-hair quality ranges between that of the under wool and guard hairs. It is long and more coarsely crimped and ends in a fine point. Desirable distribution: under wool 9 parts, intermediate 3 parts, top/guard hair 1 part. The guard hairs are straight and strong which protrude through the wool fleece. The points of the hairs are also strong.
  • Type and Shape - The body is moderate in length. It shall have sufficient depth and breadth (front and rear) with good body line. The legs shall be strong but average in length. The head is broad, short and rest firmly against the shoulders. The ears are fleshy, well covered with hears and are carried upright. The length shall fit the size of the body. A small, well formed dewlap is permissible on older does. Ideally, it should have a good, strong body of good shape. Its head, ears and feet must be typically covered with plenty of wool.
  • Weight – Ideal weight 5.25kg.
  • Condition - Sparkling eyes. Good husbandry will allow the animal to be clean on fur, feet pads, claws, ears and the private parts, and be free of any lice, fleas, etc. Of two equal animals, the one displaying better husbandry shall be the winner.

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