Dwarf Lop

OverviewDwarf Lop

Is a Lop breed by show class. Medium in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pets.


Ring Size C


Narrow shoulders, long in body, narrow head. Ears carried back or not fully lopped. Coat too short or fly-back. Excessive white hairs in coloured exhibits, light tails in sooty fawns. White tails in sooty fawns a serious fault.










1. Type – Body short with well rounded loins. Deep chest and wide shoulders, giving a cobby well-muscled appearance. Short strong legs.


2. Head, Ears, Crown and Eyes:


Head – Well developed particularly in bucks. Good width between eyes. Full cheeks and broad muzzle are desirable.

Crown – The basal ridge of the ears should appear prominent across the top of the skull.

Ears – Should be broad, thick well furred and rounded at ends. They should be carried close to the cheeks giving a horseshoe like outline when viewed from the front. The inside of the ears should not be visible from any angle when carried correctly. The ears are not measured.

Eyes – Round and bright.

3. Coat – Coat to be dense and of goof length, rollback with an abundance of guard hairs.

4. Guard Hairs – An abundance of guard hairs.

5. Accepted Colours:


Refer to general colour descriptions with the exception of Broken.

For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin