Flemish Giants


Is a fancy breed by show class. The largest breed in NZ. Short coated and mainly bred for pets. Can be bred for meat and pelts.


Flemish Giant

Ring Size H


Bagginess and excessive fat. Ticking, smudging or patchy coats.

Serious Faults

Square or chopped-off rump, wedge shaped head, bad ear carriage, dewlap in bucks.


Ideal               MIN

Adult buck


Adult doe


u/7 buck

5.4kg          2.948kg

u/7 doe

5.4-5.9kg    2.94kg


  • Type – A long body and as powerful as possible. Not too fat. Full broad fore and hind quarters. Hindquarters to be thick, broad and as massive as possible in order to obtain weight. Tail to conform with the body. Shoulders in proportion. All sections to balance and make the conformity uniform. Does to have a dewlap evenly carried. Flesh to be firm and solid.
  • Head and Ears – Head shall be large, full and shapely. Eyes shall be bold and dark coloured with ears erect. DQ adult if ears under 14.6cm.
  • Legs and Feet – Large, straight, long, strong and powerful in proportion. Colour to match body. All toenails should match body colour, especially in blues and blacks.
  • Fur - A full even coat, glossy, full of life and brightness. Fur to be close with uniform even length. Free from moult.
  • Colour – See colour standards below
  • Condition

    Accepted Colours:




    Blue Flemish

    Photo By Saleme Roberts



    Light Grey - Surface colour to be even light grey, with ticking of black tipped guard hairs. It Shall be an agouti coat, with distinct bands visable when blowing into the coat. Undercolour slate blue, intermediate band off white. Belly surface colour white with slate blue undercolour. 

    Sandy - Colour to be reddish sandy grey with uniform ticking over body excepting under tail and belly which should be white. Blue/grey on belly optional.

    Steel Grey - Shall be uniform, dark steel grey throughout with even wavy ticking over entire body, head, ears, chest, feet and legs except under belly and tail which shall be as light a colour as possible.

    For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin.