Standard Chinchilla


 Is a Normal Fur breed by show class. Medium in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts.


Standard Chinchilla















Ring Size D

Serious Faults

Drooping or lopped ears, woolliness, dewlap in bucks.



White patches on body, feet or head, putty nose.

Adult    3.170kg





  • Type -Moderate body length, fine bone free from coarseness, Head medium size, short neck, small erect ears.
  • Fur- Exquisitely soft, fine and dense. Not a flyback coat (free from woolliness). Length of fur between 25-38mm. Density and texture to rank over length.
  • Colour - To resemble real chinchilla, the under colour to be dark slate blue at base, intermediate portion pearl, (slate to be wider than pearl) with black narrow line edging. Top grey brightly ticked with black hairs, neck fur lighter in colour than body but strictly confined to nape. Flanks and chest ticked with uniform shade of pearl, slightly lighter than body. Eye circles light pearl grey, well defined. Ears laced with black. Slate under colour on belly permissible.

For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin.