Is a Normal Fur breed by show class. Medium to large in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts and meat.


Ring Size L


Faded eye colour, woolly texture in fur, light shading in coloured section due to moult.


Serious Faults

Rabbits resembling Flemish or Himalayan types, long narrow head , heavy open spoon shaped ears, colour above elbow, vent eye. Excessive spot on dewlap, 40mm or 50c piece maximum. Dewlap in bucks.



Adult- Min 3.402kg


Up to 5months - Max 3.402kg

Up to 14 weeks - Max 2.608kg

Anything BELOW the ADULT minimum weight limits

and ABOVE the u/5 and u/14 weight limits is a DISQUALIFICATION



  • Fur - As dense as undercoat as possible, interspersed very thickly with decidedly coarser guard hairs, fur to have life enough to resume its position immediately when rubbed in any direction.
  • Colour - Coloured nose, ears, feet and tail, colour as dark as possible. Coloured spot on dewlap to be small and confined to dewlap only. Body colour to be pure white free from stains or markings. Chocolate, Blue, Lilac colour acceptable.

For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin