Giant Chinchilla


Is a Normal Fur breed by show class. Large in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts and meat.


Ring Size L


Bagginess, large triangle at neck, wide pearling, short coat on shoulders, rusty of excessively wide black line.

Serious Faults

Partially lopped ears, fly back or woolly coat, badly barred feet, long narrow head, dewlap in bucks.


White feet, white patches


Ideal        Max            Min

Adult bucks


Adult does



                  4.989kg    2.72kg    

  • Type - Body to be large and powerful with broad fore and hind quarters, firm wide saddle with medium bone. The body should gracefully arch back from shoulders over hindquarters. Medium size, evenly carried dewlap permissible on does only. Head, ears and limbs all in due proportion to the size of the body. Adult bucks to have heavier bone with bold head.
  • Feet, Head and Ears - To be the same uniform shade of colour as the body. Eyes to be blue, grey or brown. Feet to be as free from barring as possible. Ears to have black lacing.
  • Fur - The fur must be uniformly dense, roll back with resilience. Length not less than 32mm, density to count more than length.

Colour - The under colour shall be a deep slate blue, from the skin to at least half the length of the fur, this to be followed by a clear band of pearl (off-white), clearly defined, which shall not exceed a quarter of the length of the fur. The pearl band to be followed 

  • by a distinct black line, finishing upon the surface in alternating blue-grey and silver/white tippings heavily intermixed with longer black tipped guard hairs, to give a well mixed Chinchilla effect top, bright and sparkling. Desired top colour considerably darker grey than the Chinchilla rabbit. The colour must be carried well down the sides of the belly, upon which the surface shall be white except for the grey/blue groin streaks.

For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin