Mini Rex


Is a Rex breed by show class. Small in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts and pets.


Ring Size B

Mini Rex Bred By & Photo Courtesy Of Pauline Taylor: "Eban"

The Mini Rex Rabbit is intended to be a standard Rex Rabbit in every way possible except in size. It should be judged to the general standard of the Rex in all its various colour with the exception of size, which shall be approximately half that of the Standard Rex.


As for Standard Rex


As for Standard Rex, and any rabbit with Netherland Dwarf features.






1.7kg - 2.041kg



u/5 to weigh up to 1.7kg




  • Fur – To be approximately 1.27cm (1/2in) length. Fine silky texture, free from harshness and woolliness, intensely dense, smooth and level over the whole body, of a lustrous sheen, firm and plush-like character and devoid of projecting guard hairs.
  • Type – Well proportioned and graceful carriage with the body sloping gently up to well rounded quarters, set on strong hind legs. Medium bone. Head bold and broad, ears erect and to be in proportion to the body, dewlap should not be excessive, eyes and toenails should preferably match body colour.