Plush Lop 

Update 18.12.2023

Plush Lop

Images from Daniel Bennett & Chris Jewer in United Kingdom

Please note, this is a brief discription of ther breed.

Ring Size: C

Type - Body compact. firm with well rounded loins. Deep broad chest with wide shoulders, creates a stronge well muscled appearence.

Ideally the shoulders and hindquarters should be roughly the same width.

Head set well on shoulders with little visble neck. The front legs should be short strong and straight.

The hind legs are short strong and carried parrallel to the body.The tail straight and well furred.

A small dewlap in does is permissible but not disirable.

Weight - Adult, ideal weight 2.3kg-2.6kg

Coat - Approximately 1.27cm in length. Fine silky texture, free from harshness, good density,

smoth and level over the whole body, of a lustrous sheen, firm and plush like character, devoid of projecting guard hairs.

Colour - Agouti only in United Kingdom

A rich chestnut top colour with black ticking over an intermediate orange band with dark slate under colour

The Rabbit Council of New Zealand will accept Plush Lop Colours from the:

Self Group 

Agouti Grouo

Shaded Group

Tan Pattern Group

Condition - The exhibit should be in a perfect state of health and bodily condition, free from soiling, particularly on the feet. The coat should be in overall good health. The animal should be aleart and vigorous.

Disqualification - Weight under the very minium, ill health, white patches in coloured coat, bent or bowed feet. 

Plush Lop