Enderby Island


Is a fancy breed by show class. Small in size. Short coated. A registered rare breed numbering around 200 worldwide. Lived in isolationfor 127 years on Enderby Island and was only brought back of in 1992. Had adapted to eating seaweed.


Enderby Island

Ring Size B

Weight Ideal 2kg

Faults: Coat too harsh, woolly, thin or short

Serious Fault: White hairs in armpits

Disqualifications: White patches on coloured fur or coloured patches on white fur.


  • Type – Body to be medium in length, with a slight taper from hindquarters to front with a slightly arched back. Leaning to a racy look. The head is to be medium in size and in proportion to the body. It is to be well set on the shoulders and show no visible neck. The ears are to be in proportion & firmly set on head, carried in a "v", not necessarily together. The feet and legs are to be medium to fine in bone and good length. Nails to match body colour.
  • Coat
  • Accepted Colours:

Slate–Undercolour showing a dark slate blue. silvering on body, medium preferred.

Champagne– Under showing a lighter shade of slate blue. Silvering on body seen a medium to heavy. The whole evenly and moderately interspersed with longer, jet black hairs and silver tipped hairs. Head, ears, feet & tail can range from almost black with light silvering. To less of the base colour showing through the points, due to an increased amount of silvering in the body

Crème - Undercolour orange to go down as far as possible, body colour creamy white, the whole evenly and moderately interspersed with longer orange hairs and silver tipped hairs. Darker markings on head, ears, feet & tail permissible with less silvering than the main body. White underbelly is permissible.

Evenness and Brightness of Silvering - The evenness of silvering is more important than the degree of silvering. Silvering is to be evenly distributed over the body with exception of head, feet and tail showing more of the base colour. A diamond shape of un-silvered fur on the forehead permissible until fully mature.(mask to have silvering)

Under 5 months - Slate/Champagne kits are born black. Creme kits are born a fawn colour. Silvering starts to show from about 6-8 weeks and can take up to 6
months to come into their full coat. Solid patches of the base colour will be seen on the juvenile coat. Under 5's should be judged for their general type and evenness of silvering that is coming through at the time of showing.

  • Condition

Note - The standard above has been written, to help preserve, a breed of rabbit taken off Enderby Island in 1992, which had been in isolation for 127 years. The aim is to keep this breed as close to the original stock removed from the Island, so their unique characteristics can be kept.


For a full run down on points for judging please purchase a copy of the standards from RCNZ via contact us or from the order form in the Bulletin