Is a Normal Fur breed by show class. Medium in size. Short coated and mainly bred for pelts.



Ring Size E


Woolliness, white hairs in coloured part of coat, white patches, barred feet in all Agouti Satins. Any Satin weighing over 2.72kg (6lb) in under five month classes and under 2.72kg and over 3.62kg in adult classes MUST BE DISQUALIFIED.



Fly back coat.

Weight Min-Max
Adult 2.72-3.62kg
  • Type- To have moderate length of body inclined to cobbiness, slightly arched back, broad head of medium size carried on a short neck. Ears to be of medium length, carried evenly and in proportion to the head, rather broad and well furred. Legs to be straight and strong in bone.
  • Coat- To have an exquisite Satin-like texture and sheen. Length to be 2.54-3.175cm (1 – 1 1/4inch), but sheen, texture and density to be more important than length.
  • Movement- Coat to roll back when stroked in a reverse direction.
  • Colour and Pattern - In all self colours to be carried as far down hair shaft as possible.


Accepted Colours:

Refer to general colour descriptions with the exception of Broken.


Satin Himalayan Points

  • Ears 5
  • Nose 5
  • Front Feet 5
  • Hind Feet 10
  • Tail 5

Total for Colour 30


  • Ears- Black to the root
  • 2. Nose- Black, even and well up between eyes
  • 3. Front feet- Black, markings well up
  • 4. Hind feet- Black, markings well up on hocks
  • 5. Tail - Neat, black Eye colour red


Blue Himalayan - Points as above.

Rex Himalayan - Points as above